Jesus Cares, Inc. is a non-profit, 501c3 Christian organization committed to feeding the homeless in downtown San Diego. Every Friday, for over eight years, we have delivered hot soup, fruit, bread, water, and snacks to approximately 300 souls without missing a single Friday.

Recently, a new Bill AB 2178, regulated by the Health Department has impacted all organizations who feed the homeless, including Jesus CaresInc. Although some organizations have now abandoned this needed service, Jesus Cares, Inc. . is committed to being in compliance with this Bill, and all health department rules.

We have taken a huge leap of faith to honor God’s call to provide hot food to our less fortunate brothers and sisters. Knowing that God is greater than this challenge, we are raising funds to create a kitchen that will allow Jesus Cares, Inc. and other organizations, to feed our needy, while abiding with the health department regulations for food distribution to the public.

To accomplish this task we are asking for your financial support to purchase a facility that can be utilized as a kitchen. Jesus Cares, Inc. will also open this facility to other organizations who feed the homeless, acting as coordinator and trainer.

We pray our success will be a model for others to follow, so that they too will serve food to the homeless within the guidelines of health and safety.

Your tax deductible donation will be a tremendous help to our commitment to meet the needs of a needy community.  Thank you!