How We Began:

On Good Friday of 2011 a desperate heart went to Christ and offered her life and emotional pain to Him. She asked God to use her pain for His glory. That same day she heard God say: “COOK A POT OF SOUP AND FEED MY PEOPLE”.

Confused and without any training, she trusted and obeyed, making one pot of soup for about 20 people which she took it to downtown San Diego. After giving out the soup to homeless people, she drove back and asked God: “What now?” God replied: “BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD.”

She did. She told her friends about what happened, and shortly after people started offering food, supplies and help. What began as a single pot of soup, has become a ministry that feeds 400 people every Friday with all the ingredients being donated since that very first pot.

The Lord has shown himself mighty and faithful. We have grown to be able to provide for 400 brothers and sisters who live on the streets of Downtown San Diego. What began as one woman serving soup is now averaging 25 volunteers, some to prepare, some to serve the soup, all experiencing growth in faith and gratitude for who He is and get to share the endless list of miracles experienced through this JESUS CARES MINISTRY.

One thing she continues to do is to trust and obey.  All she says is “He will provide”.

The Lord brings love, hope, encouragement, prayers in ways only He can.